SimWave products and services are now provided by TelGaAs Inc.


Improve your communication reception


  • Eliminates Adjacent Channel Interference
  • Highly Selective Crystal Pre-Selector
  • Field Programmable Using a PC GUI
  • Controllable thru USB, LAN, or LCD
  • Failsafe bypass mode for loss of power

  • Low Noise Figure
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • 1 KHz tuning step size
  • Models to cover VHF and UHF bands


BBUQ crystal tunable active bandpass filter with adjustable frequency to cover UHF/VHF bands.

Solve interference issues in Narrow Banding Applications where close in interference affects receptions, such as P25, DMR, NXDN, and TETRA standards.


Data Sheets

Co-Site Mitigation


The SimWave canceler/Filter allows co-site antennas to operate in close proximity by canceling the cross interference. The SW-0400 utilizes complementary canceler and filter technology to solve the problem of wideband co-site interferer variability providing much broader rejection than otherwise capable in other approaches in a cost effective solution. SimWave’s smart canceler technology recognizes the presence of an interferer and reacts to mitigate the interferer while maintaining the best possible receiver dynamic range.

Co-Site interference Canceler/Filter

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Custom Designs

RF and Microwave CAD Simulation

  • Agilent Design Systems
  • Momentum
  • Small signal analysis
  • Large signal analysis for non-linear applications for active circuits
  • EM modeling for all MMICs and PCBs

Full layout capability

  • Circuit layout capabilities with multiple foundries with available NPK libraries and verification tools
  • Microwave PCB layout for specialty applications
  • Complete documentation for material and assembly needs

Proven Amplifier Design

  • Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Linear applications
  • Multiple technologies on GaAs and GaN, pHEMT, E-pHEMT, Bi-pHEMT, HBT
  • Specialty Amplifier applications
  • Both MMIC and Hybrid technologies

Wide Range of Design

  • Mixers
  • High power Vector Modulators
  • Custom Couplers
  • Power Combiners/Splitters

Custom MMIC Design

  • Access to multiple military and commercial foundries, GaAs and GaN
  • Phase Shifters
  • LNAs and PAs
  • Time Delay Unites
  • HBT WLAN Amplifiers
  • Create a custom MMIC for your program

Team Resourcing

  • Provide experienced design resources in a crunch to keep your project on schedule
  • Additional testing and assembly resources