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Our goal is to help you expand your business with our custom manufactured microwave and millimeter wave components. We have a wide range of experience with oscillators, amplifiers, upconverters, downconverters and components of all types. At TelGaAs, we work with our customers to develop specific, custom solutions combining optimal performance with economic viability. We immediately identify the critical goals of your project, which enables our team to provide the improved performance you seek at a lower cost.

Whether your needs are well-defined or in the development stage, the TelGaAs team is here to help you to develop an optimized, custom product. We aim to increase profit and growth together. Many of our customers see the value we provide and often return to us for additional solutions to other problems they may be facing.


TelGaAs provides low- and high-power transmitters for a variety of uses. Inputs can be digital, analog or a combination. Frequency agile outputs at a variety of power levels and bandwidths are available, with FM, AM or spread spectrum modulation.

Block Up and Down Converters

All types of block converters are supported — wide and narrow instantaneous bandwidths, frequency agile with internal synthesizers, as well as external LO configurations. Switched-filter banks for optimal spurious rejection are implemented as required. Multi-Octave RF bandwidths or single frequency operation options are available.


Frequency agile receivers with integrated command and control, DLVA’s, switched bandwidths, overdrive protection, selectable frequency inversion covering the microwave and millimeter wave spectrum. Ruggedized and rack mount as well as blind mate form factors can be accommodated.

Synthesized Sources

TelGaAs provides custom synthesized sources with fast switching speeds and exceptional phase noise. Sources are available as part of integrated assemblies as well as stand alone models.  Options for 10MHz, 100MHz, TCXO, OCXO and Rubidium based  internal and external references are offered. Remote control via Lan, and High speed serial formats as well as local contral  are supported.


TelGaAs provides broadband and narrowband LNAs over a wide operational frequency range. Models with limiters, AGC and RF detection are available.

Power Amplifiers

TelGaAs provides broadband and narrowband power amplifiers in both Class A, Class AB, and Class C operation. Pulsed and CW operation is supported for all types of communication and radar applications.


TelGaAs is adept at integrating multiple functional blocks into rack or ruggedized subsystems with integrated control to perform complex sub system tasks reducing system burdens in ELINT, radar, point-to-point and satellite communication systems.


All types of transciever designs are supported. From simple frequency translation and rebroadcast, to more complicated devices that can strip and remodulate information streams can be supported.

Frequency Coverage

All the listed products are available over a broad frequency range. RF frequencies cover several hundred MHz to well over 40GHz and IF frequencies as low as several hundred KHz up to several GHz are supported.

TelGaAs designs and manufactures custom state-of-the-art millimeter wave and microwave components, for radar, satellite communication, electronic intelligence, and aerospace components.

125 N. Central Dr., O'Fallon, MO 63366